Everything Wrong with Rent - The Landlord

8 November 2020

The is part 5 in a series on rent. Besides preventing people from enjoying all the benefits that a home can offer, the interposition of a landlord has several other negative consequences. As I mentioned a few posts ago, the need for maintenance and repairs is often brought up in defense of renting: landlords are… Read More »

Everything Wrong with Rent - Precluded Possibilities

1 November 2020

This is part 3 of a series on rent. In the previous post we looked at two objections to the characterization of rent as an asymmetrical, exploitative transaction. There are more of course, and the next is perhaps the most common: “But the tenant enters the contract willingly” Does he indeed? It’s true that no… Read More »

Everything Wrong with Rent - Introduction

21 October 2020

This is part 1 of a series on rent. The practice of renting homes is something we all take for granted. At least, everyone I know in Israel and the US does. The general narrative is something like this: If you aren’t ready to buy a home, you pay for a temporary one until you’ve… Read More »

The Two Ways of Dealing with Problems

18 October 2020

Well, here we begin! This blog will be an exploration of what’s wrong with our towns, cities, and suburbs; societies and communities; economies and politics; and how they could be better. Why are homes so expensive? Why are some areas vibrant and thriving while others are run-down and crime-ridden, or just boring? How can we… Read More »